We are always looking for new members to help Peninsula fulfill our mission of providing high quality, affordable early childhood care and education as well as family services to all of the families in the North/Northeast Portland community.

Classroom volunteers are placed in our programs on a case-by-case basis. We enjoy a great relationship with the students of Catlin Gabel Middle School and are happy to be a site for their community projects. After completing a thorough screening process, we welcome individuals with a dedication to helping young children succeed and thrive into our classrooms.

Each of the classrooms in our Early Childhood VolunteersEducation program benefits tremendously from the presence of a Foster Grandmother. Our participation in Multnomah County’s Foster Grandparent program provides opportunities for adults age 60 and older to remain active and serve the communities in which they live. Although we do not include Foster Grandparents in our child to adult ratios, they do provide an extra pair of hands in our classrooms for much of each day. They are vital members of each classroom providing one-on-one attention, nurturing, and support for children who need it, as well as allowing teachers to do so. Often we pair our grandparents with a child who is new to help make their initial transition to care easier.

We appreciate our relationship with Rebuilding Together Portland and are deeply thankful for the many wonderful volunteer teams who have taken on projects large and small on our behalf.

To discuss how to get involved in Peninsula Children’s Learning Center, please contact Marc Czornij: mczornij@nhpdx.org