What Makes Peninsula Children’s Learning Center Special?

Peninsula Children’s Learning Center is the only North Portland child care provider with a sliding-scale tuition structure, which is based on gross monthly income and family size. We accept Oregon Department of Human Service child care tuition reimbursements. Reimbursement doesn’t cover all the costs of child care, and we ask the community to help  make up the difference, rather than the families we serve.

And there are so many ways you can help! Click on the “Donate” button here, or scroll down for more options.

Our affordable tuition structure is an essential component of our service – without it many of our families simply could not afford child care. We need you to help us help our families: last year PCLC gave over $276,000 in scholarships to families in need.

Here’s how your donation can help support our children & families:

  • $50 is enough for bottles of green and orange and purple and red and blue and yellow and brown and white paint, and 82 paint brushes, 6 smocks and 12 paint palettes – the tools for masterpieces.
  • $250 buys 36 new books so our children can enjoy and learn from The Bear Under the Stairs; Things I Like About Grandma; and Running the Road to ABC.
  • $500 pays for all kinds of great craft materials: 2 lbs. of pom-poms; 900 wiggly eyes; 1 lb. of feathers; 450 sheets of tissue paper; 3,000 craft sticks; 1,500 tongue depressors; and 6 rolls of butcher paper.
  • $1,200 buys a month of breakfast, lunch and snack for the 42 little ones in the Infant, Toddler and Junior rooms.
  • $6,000 provides a whole year of quality care for a child in our Preschool Program!

Donate Your Vehicle

You can also donate your unwanted vehicle, and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the vehicle will support Peninsula Children’s Learning Center. Just go to Charity Connections and enter the information about your vehicle. Someone will be in touch with you within a day or two and will come pick up the vehicle. When it sells you’ll get a receipt you can use with your taxes. It’s simple and will make a huge difference!

Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program


You can support us is by linking your Fred Meyer Rewards Cards to Peninsula Children’s Learning Center. Then every time you shop and use your card, you’ll help us earn a donation. There’s no cost to you and you’ll keep all your rebates, rewards and fuel points. Click HERE to learn more. And thank you!


For more information on supporting our work with children and families, contact