Ages: 12-months to 18-months-old
Capacity: One class of 8
Child-to-Teacher Ratio: 4:1

As the name implies, our Wobblers are all about learning to use and control their bodies. Walking, climbing, getting in and out of chairs, sitting at a table to draw, and carrying and manipulating action-reaction toys give older infants a growing sense of how they can interact with their environment. Teachers describe moment-by-moment activities to help build babies’ growing vocabulary. Songs and reading aloud also lay the foundation for talking and loving to read books. Wobblers regularly spend time outdoors on the Infant/Toddler playground where they interact with the toddlers and the Toddler Teachers. This interaction supports transitioning to the toddler group at about 18-months old because babies already have friends and know the teachers in the next class.

Wobblers transition to the Toddler Room when they can walk and feed themselves, and when our staff determines they are ready to handle a more advanced social atmosphere. Children learn to work as a small group, eating, playing, and sleeping according to a daily schedule rather than in response to individual internal clocks.