Preschool RoomsPreschool

Ages: 3-5 years old
Capacity: Three classes of 10, 20, and 20
Child-to-Teacher Ratio: 10:1

At Peninsula, we believe in strong adult-child relationships. Our preschool classrooms are mixed ages, from 3-5 in order to ensure your child can form a strong bond with his/her teacher. We strive to provide a home away from home in which your child feels comfortable, happy and has ownership in the classroom. During these day time hours, your child will receive all the comforts of home: healthy meals around the table with their classmates and teacher, responsibilities to help keep a tidy classroom, a cozy space to read a favorite book, a dedicated rest time, and lots of support with potty training. We encourage you to bring in family photos to create a sense of belonging for your child.

Children learn through self-directed play, and we our teachers practice a play-based, emergent curriculum. This means that children are guided by our teachers on subjects that are of interest to them. Through this children begin to learn self-regulation skills, problem solving, gain motivation for authentic literacy and numeracy experiences, and form some of the earliest friendships in life. These friendships go beyond “learning how to share” (although we do plenty of that, too!) Our children learn the positive social skills in preschool that they carry with them through life.

Some of our preschooler’s most joyful moments are found outside. Whether children are taking a look at neighborhood animals that live around our ample natural playscape, riding bikes with a friend around our paved bike trail, testing their strength by crossing the monkey bars for the first time, or picking fresh snap peas from our tasting garden, our preschoolers are engaged with the freedom that only the outdoors can provide.

Exploration doesn’t stop at our own backyard. Our preschoolers go on field trips throughout the year as well as frequent walks around our quiet streets. These excursions fuel children’s curiosity about their immediate world; and our teachers extend that curiosity back in the classroom.

Children transition out of our preschool program when they are ready to attend Kindergarten. If they attend one of the Portland Public Schools we serve, we hope they continue to receive care and education through our before and after school program.