Ages: 6-weeks to 12-months-old
Capacity: Two classes of 8
Child-to-Teacher Ratio: 4:1

Our Infant Room is a peaceful and roomy classroom where the focus is the loving, individual care of your infant. The teachers in this room are primarily concerned with meeting the babies’ daily needs and helping them develop motor skills, language, and a sense of emotional security.

Our infants lie, sit, and crawl, and each stage of development has a place in our classroom. Babies who are not yet crawling on their own spend time in a protected area on the floor where they can roll over, stretch, and begin to move freely. Younger infants nap in cribs, then move to cots for nap time as they get older.

Peninsula provides all infants with cloth diapers while they are in our care. Parents drop babies off in the morning in a disposable diaper and provide a diaper for pick up at the end of the day. We take care of the rest. Peninsula provides formula or bottled breast milk to babies, and mothers are welcome to stop by the Center to breast-feed.

Infants transition to the Wobbler Room when they learn to walk and are ready to eat table food.