Looking for care for your little one? Planning ahead? Join the waitlist at Peninsula Children’s Learning Center!

Call 503-280-0534 to get more info

Enrollment at Peninsula Children’s Learning Center is always changing. We typically have full classrooms, so new students are enrolled when a current family leaves our care. This makes it difficult to predict when there will be vacancies.

*We currently have full enrollment with a lengthy wait list. We are putting a pause on tours until we can meet the needs of current families on that list. If you would still like information, please give us a call!*

The Maryland Campus consistently offers 5 days/week, full time care when there is a vacancy in one of our classrooms. Occasionally, we are able to offer Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, or Tuesdays and Thursdays as part time schedules, but they are not offered frequently, and priority always goes to those families requesting 5 days/week.

Our School Age Program offers numerous combinations of weekly schedules. Contact Abby abby@penchild.org, to get specific availability for the site you wish to join.

A child’s birthdate, desired schedule, and the date in which the family joined our waitlist are all considered when placing a child into our classrooms.

We encourage all interested families to join our waitlist by filling out this waitlist form. Return it to Peninsula’s Maryland Campus, along with the $25 Waitlist Joining Fee, and we will contact you as soon as we have a place for your child.

For further questions, please contact reception@penchild.org  or call 503-280-0534.