Peninsula Children’s Learning Center is thrilled to offer Music with Mr. Ben every Friday! This is a wonderful enrichment to our curriculum, and the kids and teachers just love it! The children and teachers sing, dance, play, and make music together. The emphasis is on having fun while experiencing and making music in a positive and predictable environment. The Singers and Stompers curriculum is designed to make musical terms and concepts approachable for children, to demystify music and musical instruments, and specifically to always relate back to the four properties of music: Pitch (low / high), Timbre (Tonal quality — rough / smooth or bright / warm), Rhythm (fast / slow), and Dynamics (loud / quiet).

Mr. Ben spends time in the Toddler, Junior and Preschool classes.

Multnomah County Library Story Time at Peninsula occurs monthly September – June with Chris Ablutz “Cricket”, our Multnomah County Library volunteer. Chris is a retired kindergarten teacher certified in special education with a Masters degree in Reading and Literacy, so she has lots to offer both children and teachers. She’s a great resource for our teachers who are always looking for more ways to share early literacy skills with children, and she also helps classrooms with the Raising a Reader program.

Cricket spends time with the Junior and Preschool classes.