Peninsula Children’s Learning Center is no longer operating infant/toddler or preschool child care at its Maryland Avenue site. Peninsula’s outstanding school-age child care programs at Sabin, Boise-Elliot, and King Schools (now operated as part of Neighborhood House) continue to provide quality before and afterschool child care and offer a full program of exciting activities throughout the summer at our Sabin School site. For more information about our school-age programs click here.


PCLC provided outstanding year-round child care for families of all income levels and background for over 48 years. In 2016, PCLC merged with Neighborhood House, a widely respected multi-service nonprofit organization.  Neighborhood House is planning to work with the residents and organizations in north and northeast Portland as part of its planning process to determine future direction for the Maryland Avenue site and for services for families in the community. For more information about Neighborhood House click here.